Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy

– Any person to be left alone with children or young people will produce a current Police Check or a Working with Children check.

– No photos are to be taken of children or young people without the Director understanding what those photos will be used for (Example-facebook). Under no circumstances will photos be taken of children naked or naked below the waist. Any person doing this will be escorted from the school/village after the photos have been deleted and their volunteer term will be terminated.

– Personal details of students will NOT be passed on to any other person without the written permission of the Director.

Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling Policy
– Alcohol and drugs of any kinds are not permitted in or out of school hours within the school grounds without permission of the Director.

– Gambling of any kind is banned on school premises.

Public Relations Policy

– All Facebook posts to be made in Khmer and English.

– Photos must comply with Public Relations and Child Protection Policy.

– Personal information will not be made public in any media without specific approval from that person or director.

– All media posts/publications will give link to FB and webpage.

– The post author will be identified to the director.

– The facebook page will be monitored daily and all inappropriate material will be deleted.

Finance Policy

– All financial transactions are to be authorised by the Finance Manager.

– Receipts are to be obtained and retained for all financial transactions.

– Quotes for any trade or service must be in writing.

– Monthly statement of Financial Position to be made available to the board showing income and expenditure.

– Financial planning meeting will be held annually.

– All donors of goods, services or money will be thanked by email from the director as soon as possible after the donation.

Volunteer Policy

– Volunteers must complete application form and submit to the Director. The Director will allocate roles according to CCD needs and volunteers skills. This will be done in consultation with the volunteers.

– Volunteers will be issued with and comply with all policies.

– Volunteers will supply a copy of Police Check and Working with Children check from their home country if they are to be alone with children.

– Volunteers are at CCD at the discretion of the Director.

– The Director’s decision is final.


– No bullying

– Boys and girls will be treated equally there will be no favoritism to any one child or group of children.

– No Bribery.

– All rewards and awards will be made on merit.