We are a non profit organisation, that was granted NGO status by the Royal Cambodian Government on 18/03/14.

We Are Looking For Teachers

Here in rural Phom O, about an hour’s drive from Siem Reap in Cambodia’s north, is a life changing opportunity to teach english and improve the lives of a community of beautiful people who struggle on a daily basis. It is important to note that you do not need to be able to speak Khmer (the local language) in order to teach english, you only need to be able to speak english!

If you are interested in teaching english in cambodia, why not take advantage of this unique opportunity. Not only does CCD provide accommodation (basic but clean and comfortable) but you will also learn about growing food in a rural village, traditional farming methods, cooking local food as well as having the opportunity to eat what is being grown on site. You will learn about the people, the country, the struggle that these amazing, inspiring and resilient people endure with a smile every day.

You will have the opportunity to learn and grow as well as to teach and give something back. This is a rare chance to really make a difference in the lives of people who need it the most.

CCD is currently asking for expressions of interest for anyone who can spend at least one week teaching english in Cambodia. All food and accommodation is included in your experience and you will be required to teach (See the schedule on that page). That is … classes. The only cost wold be the 40 USD that would cover the cost of the food and accommodation and help to keep the school running with all it needs (books, pencils etc).



We accept financial help through a bank transfer or buy credit cards online. We use Transferwise which is secured, fast and allow us to have low fees.

Here is our bank details:


Email us: phumkhmer99@gmail.com

Who we are


Venerable Tho Sokhun is the monk with a dream to bring the education to Phum O (O village).

Venerable Sokhun was discussed with the team and then put it in to a reality. He became a monk when he was 13 years old. He spent his time to study in the temple until finished Buddhist High school  and he also graduated  Bachelor Degree on International Relation at Panasatra University in Siem Reap.


Venerable Tola is a young monk who really happy to join with Ven. Sokhun to start the school in Phum O.  Tola was born in 1996. In 2002, he studied in Phum O primary school until 2006 he stopped.

He became a monk in 2007 and continued his study in the monastery until finished Buddhist High School. He is now studying IT at Build Bright University (BBU)  in Siem Reap Province.   In his  dream, he wants to share education to the children in rural area where he used to be.


Venerable Sey Syn was born in Ruessei Lok village.

He experience working as an administrative of Buddhist officer in Chikreng district for three years and he is  a primary school teacher since 2009 till now. He likes reading books, and write in his free time.


Sinet is the first monk who join with Sokhun to discuss about bring education to Phum O. He is now 27 years old. He has got one sister and one brother, in the family, He is the first son.

He was one of the people from the commune where the school is located. He is now working as Educator in Cambodian Children’s Destiny (C.C.D). He is happy to share what he has learned to the children there.


My name is Po Mex, I am 24 years old, I am studying at PUC school, my major is tourism hospitality and management.

Now I am working in a small coffee shop in town (the little red fox espresso) as manger there. The reason that I get involved with this organization is; I used to live with sokhun for four years, while I was with him, we always talk about the plan and how we can bring out our plan to the village. I used to take him by motorbike to the village to find out where we can start the plan as well. Now our dream is coming true, I am very happy.


I first met Sokhun in July 2015. He explained to me the vision of the Cambodian Children’s Destiny (CCD) and he took me to the village to demonstrate the practical impacts of their dream.

Immediately, I was profoundly affected and inspired by his ideas and goals and decided to assist in any manner possible.
I have been a carpenter for most of my life covering domestic homes and alterations as well as commercial projects including the Fire Training Centre at Mogo and Industrial Replacement buildings.
Last year I completed smaller building works at the village with the assistance of Tho So.
I have met with the CCD board on a number of occasions and and I felt very privileged when they asked me to be their building advisor.


Prior to my current position as manager of an active Tax Agency in Batemans Bay, Australia I completed 36 years service in the Australian Public Service.

Combined with my accounting based education qualifications, I have developed a strong belief in the conducting of business in accordance with accounting standards and principles.
With my knowledge and practical experience, I hope to enhance the implementation of CCD’s policies and procedures through advising on the adoption of simple financial management techniques tailored to the specific requirements of the Phum O school and village.
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Kay Mercieca became involved with CCD when it was still only a dream. Kay lives in Australia but spends much of her time in Cambodia, her second home.

She is Training Manager in her family business, Registered Training Organisation Ablaze Total Solutions, based in Canberra Australia, focusing on training in all areas of safety in the community. Kay has held many volunteer roles including Commodore of Traditional Boat Squadron of Australia and Secretary of the Board of Volunteering A.C.T. She has a passion for Cambodia, Khmer people and culture and is excited to share this beautiful culture with volunteers from all over the world who want to experience the true Cambodia.